Pity the children


drone-childrenThe outpouring of grief over the Sandy Hook shootings continues. That one nation, if not the whole world, can express such pain and grief over the murders of these twenty children speaks to us of our innate human capacity for empathy and compassion.

Some pointed out the obvious almost as soon as it happened, but it didn’t seem right. After all, the horror of one act of brutality does not detract from the horror of another. To mourn the dreadful loss of one group of people takes nothing away from the suffering of another.

And yet the frenzy of national soul-searching continues unabated. So, amid the endless replays of interviews with sobbing parents, the minute cross-examination of media-sick residents, the near-nationwide outrage and demands that Something Must Be Done, can we pause to remember that hundreds of children have been murdered by US drones in Afghanistan and Pakistan?

And can we demand that here, too, Something Must Be Done?

16 responses to “Pity the children

  1. Thank you ojmo.. It’s something we should all remember, all the time. Especially since those children are dying at the hands of a clinical strategic national policy, not at the hands of a madman.


  2. And who hides behind those children using them as human shields?


  3. the same people that who would hurt a young girl trying so hard to bring some rights for OTHER children…..

    if only things where so easy, eh?


    • So the actions of one group of mass killers justifies those of another group of mass killers? Maybe my moral sense is defective, but I’d choose to pass on participating in the carnage if I could; unfortunately as an American, these acts are being carried out in my name.


  4. God Bless the children…..

    There are some who will NOT….

    On BOTH Sides…..


  5. How small of all that human hearts endure
    that part whIch laws or kings can cure.

    — Oliver Goldsmith.


  6. Thanks for the reminder, ojmo. Sad that this world’s philosophy is that some kids are not supposed to die–and some just do.


  7. Thank you for that beautifully stated message Orhan….I don’t see how anyone could question it…..We have killed hundreds of childeren, if not thousands…


  8. Maybe if the Rev Mike Huckabee prays on it he might see this awful event as a punishment of God for our ungodly acts against the children by our drone attacks


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