There’s a memo every Monday

It’s a little known fact that the Office of the Speaker issues a memo every Monday morning assigning specific tie colors – by day, by staffer – so that there is no duplication of the under-the-chin-pastels. It’s working quite well.

boehner ties

3 responses to “There’s a memo every Monday

  1. You’re laughing but this might actually be the case. 😆


  2. I wasn’t sure if you were spoofing us on Boehner’s ties, Moe, but I’m inclined to believe you. It fits his immaculate image so perfectly and your excellent photo appears to support the notion. Nevertheless I did a search and found that you aren’t the only one to muse over the Weeper’s sartorial obsessions.


  3. Looking at the photo, I wonder if the assignments extend to complexion–doughy pallor on the staffers and dazzling orange on Boehner?


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