Chuck Hagel? I can get down with that

While quite conservative, he was a good Senator, a thoughtful man. So if he ends up at Defense, that looks good to me. (I think he was also a fierce critic of W’s Iraq Adventure.) Will his former GOP colleagues confirm him?

Story is from Bloomberg. Notice the other headline too. So John Kerry gets State. I’m down with that as well.



5 responses to “Chuck Hagel? I can get down with that

  1. Susan Rice Dropped out for State….
    Hagel is probably a Go since Kerry is now Free for state….

    They could give Rice the National Security Chair …..


  2. I hope Obama doesn’t choose Hagel. Hagel lacks judgment – he was completely wrong about the surge.

    Ash Carter’s my top choice for SecDef.


  3. If Kerry becomes Secretary of State, Scott Brown could be back in the Senate next year.


  4. I think the Democratic legislature will hand the filling unfilled senate seats back (wasn’t it there before?) to the Governor, thus frustrating a Brown comeback.


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