Another home run for Rush – let fear and blame reign supreme!

Way to obfuscate Tubby. Way to go!

rush_limbaugh_cigarI tuned in for five minutes yesterday. He was upset about a quadrennial report titled “Global Trends 2030” which, among other things (things he never mentioned) noted that the US would no longer be the world’s hegemon. Gasp. And, he added, you know who to blame! In fact, it’s been the Kenyan commie’s plan all along Rush told us. The only surprise said The Obese One is that the fake President isn’t making it happen sooner!

Having fed his captive audience, I imagine he then moved on to other horrors perpetrated by the Liberal traitor class and their illegitimate dictator.

Here’s the section of the report that ignited the rant-on-the-radio:

The world the council foresees is one in which the United States is no longer a uniquely dominant global power but remains preeminent because of its legacy strengths, its ability to form coalitions and the reluctance of China to assume a global role.

Scared yet?

But guess what else the report said? Guess what was the real big news?

By 2030, for the first time in human history, a majority of the world’s population will not be impoverished and a politically powerful global middle class could total 3 billion people, up from 1 billion today.

These people, many from what are now developing countries, will be healthier, better educated and connected to the Internet. . .

If Rush wants to worry about something, he might try worrying about this:

The world of 2030 will be one in which the greatest strain within and between countries could be the struggle for resources — food, water and energy — and climate change could severely affect the ability to produce sufficient quantities of each.

Water. For a long  time, that’s been projected to be the most dangerous, damaging and destabilizing threat facing us. If you want to worry Rush, worry about water.

But it might be too hard to make that a Liberal plot, so stick with the easy stuff Big Guy. Then you can just slither on home to that fourth trophy wife.


15 responses to “Another home run for Rush – let fear and blame reign supreme!

  1. You’re right. It’s all just about Rush, anyway…


  2. If I didn’t know better I’d think you weren’t fond of Tubby. The cigar shots of him always make me think of a hippo taking a s**t.


  3. You score big (pun intended) here, Moe! Bullseye, center target.


    • Can’t say that ‘big’ thing enough Jim. I usually refrain from name calling, but when the object has made a career out of doiing just that . . . well, you reap what you sow.


  4. So tell me, Moe, do you actually dispute any of Rush’s claims in the matters he spoke of?


    • Do I dispute that Obama is directing the arc of history? Yeah, I do. That one is easy. As for our no longer being a global hegemon? I have assumed for some time that would be the case in 20 or so years but I’m hardly alone in that. The world changes and i tmight be a good idea for us to see clearly the how’s and be ready to thrive within the changed world.

      Rush seems to think that fighting against the tide is a better plan.


      • Hmmmmm, Moe. Two foreign power said attack Libya and Obama did. Sounds to me like he’s a major factor in our current decline as a major player. Similar things could be said about all facets of Obama’s foreign policy.

        As for fighting the tide, that’s an apt analogy and we’ve long known how to fight the tide.


  5. I always thought I started seeing American decline when we got involved in Iraq, because that was another step on that classic “empire stretching itself out too thin” road, which all great world powers seem to do at some point before declining. Not to mention the money we were spending on those multiple wars.

    Well, Britain is no longer the world’s greatest power and they’re doing okay (or were doing okay until they overdid it with the austerity). I will still like living here even when we’re not number one.


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