It’ll happen now

The Supreme Court has just said they’ll ‘take up’ the gay marriage case. They’re almost certain to  find DOMA and other State laws unconstitutional. The US Supreme Court is not in the business of codifying denials of human rights.

So sometime next spring, expect full rights to be established as the law in the United States.

Tony Perkins needs a drink. Hope someone offers one to the poor guy.

(and I will finally get to wear that dress to my best old buddies wedding . . . )

14 responses to “It’ll happen now

  1. Is this a repeat performance of the wedding which took place in NYC in October and the very same which we celebrated with a cake last week?
    If it is and it happens, I’ll be there.


    • No repeat performance is planned and that “dress” has been hanging in the closet so long I don’t want to be seen with anyone who would wear it.

      On the hother hand, I fervently hope that Moe is right on this one. While a 40 yeaer civil rights effort isn’t that long, it seems interminable when it represents nearly 80% of your adult life.


  2. I firmly believe that you’re only half right. I believe that there’s a good chance that they’ll eradicate DOMA – I’m not that bad at law and I can’t figure out a constitutional defense for either article in it – but not touch the states’ laws and constitutional amendments at all.

    When it comes to the states, the most I expect the SCOTUS to possibly restrict is any states that eliminated any possibility of queer marriage or civil unions where they allow hetero civil unions.

    And it’s not “rights” as nobody has the right to marriage and we quite rightly place various restrictions upon it, even though many would try to claim that those restrictions are purely arbitrary.


  3. The Supreme’s can tell which way the wind blows, eh?


  4. I’m a sucker for weddings and romance, so I hope this pans out!


  5. I would never bet on the Supreme Court. They gave us Bush and two Wars remember


    • We’ll see Jay, we’ll see. Boise and Olsen are bringing the California case – between them I think they’ve argued more SCOTUS cases than anyone – I’ll bet they’re pretty ocnfident on that one.


  6. Ugh. Bush and two wars.

    I hope you’re right, Mo!


  7. oh I hope that yopu are right Moe


    • We’lll have to wait till Spring to see . . . we certainly know how Alito, Scalia and Thomas will vote.


      • No, you don’t. It’s all going to come down to how Boise and Olsen bring it before them.

        You might despise them but Alito, Scalia, and Thomas are some of the foremost legal experts and jurists in the world and their decisions always reflect the law as it is and are always based upon solid constitutional and legal precedents.

        If Boise and Olsen bring it before them on the right grounds, those three may very well rule against Prop 8.


        • I don’t despise them. But one can infer how certain justices will vote based on their voting record. Just as Robert’s ‘found a way’ to uphold Obamacare, I’m pretty sure these three will ‘find a way’ to uphold Prop 8. But I’m pretty sure we’ll be seeing a six-three vote this time.


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