Friday. So . . .

I’ve been busy, but oldies beckon on Friday like work on Monday. Except nicer.

Here’s a slow dancer . . .


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  1. From the Wikipedia page on the Vietnam war:

    Kennedy advisers Maxwell Taylor and Walt Rostow recommended that U.S. troops be sent to South Vietnam disguised as flood relief workers. Kennedy rejected the idea but increased military assistance yet again. In April 1962, John Kenneth Galbraith warned Kennedy of the “danger we shall replace the French as a colonial force in the area and bleed as the French did.” By 1963, there were 16,000 American military personnel in South Vietnam, up from Eisenhower’s 900 advisors.


  2. Moe, since we shared calendar for a while – you watching the good bye speeches in the Senate right now?
    I have this feeling that the 113th Congress will be better, and the worst of the last few years will calm down a bit.


    • No! I didn’t know they were on. I heard Lieberman said Goodbye to an empty house. He deserved that after screwing CT democrats so shamelessly.

      They’ll probalby rerun them and I’ll see if any are on right now.

      Were there any good moments I should particularly watch for?


      • Mmm not really.. and I’m not really sure what it was there yesterday – but they were praising each other and saying thanks and so on.

        But what do you make of politics these days btw? A better path? Brighter days? A different America?


        • If only . . . I think we might be seeing the beginning of a Democratic ascendancy which is being helped along by the astonishing blundering Republican party. Demographics alone should assure we get a majority – but, and this is the big but – redistricting and these closed primaries are serious impediments to actual change.


          • Yep.. it could very well be a long stretch of Democratic White Houses from now on. And as long as the donors get to dictate right-wing policies and primaries – they’re not going nowhere.

            Sometimes I wonder too – if Obama’s laid back non-confrontational style in the end avoided a more violent collapse of the Bush-Reagan delusion. He never gave them any aggression to boost on.


            • I get so conflicted about Obama. Yesterday was a good example of the prob I have – he came out full of words about sadness and solidarity and families and prayer. He hinted we need to do something.

              I wanted him to come out spitting mad. I wanted him to challenge us and our politicians and ask why the hell are we so paralyzed, why do we never do anything about this. Why do we love our guns and kill each other. That’s what I wanted him to say/do yesterday. BUt hey . . .


              • I know I know. I would’ve exchanged Obama for Bloomberg or Andrew Cuomo any day. Someone with the ability and drive for accomplishment – not just consensus.

                Like this “meaning action” or new committee for gun policy – it’s just not good enough.


  3. Moe, because of the Newtown tragedy I have acquired two more bumper-sticker statements in my brain:

    “Guns don’t kill people, they make it easier to kill a lot more people.”

    “I can’t fathom that I live in a society that considers gun ownership to be a right, but health care to be a privilege.”


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