Now I hear the pagans want their solstice tree back

Dare ya’!

One by one our American Christmas traditions have been falling into place – and right on schedule. Last week, the White House tree was delivered, then cyber-Thanksgiving went off with its now world-famous vulgar celebration of mindless consumerism, and tonight is the lighting of the Rock Center Tree. One thing has been missing though – until now.  Fox News has finally launched its traditional War on the War on Christmas. Sleigh bells ring.

I love these guys.

7 responses to “Now I hear the pagans want their solstice tree back

  1. No American Christmas is complete unless someone wages war on it.


  2. Ms. Holland ,

    You will be happy to know that in Rhode Island the Christmas Tree is the Holiday Tree .


  3. What ya expect, youre American afterall……Glory be to god and peace and goodwill to all of the earth’s inhabitants, especially the one’s at Macy’s. 🙂


  4. Well, I’m one those classed as Pagan, though I hate the term due to baggage that’s been attached to it by Pagans themselves, and I think people can keep their Christmas trees.

    I find it humorous how Christianity kept the trappings of our traditions alive through the very same centuries in which they were trying to eradicate us.

    ..And no, I have no real problem with that attempted eradication either. It’s a natural course of events and, had the tables been turned, we’d have done the same thing to them. 😉


    • Well, we’re on the same page there jonolan. I called myself ‘atheist’ above – but of course the label is kind of useless as it suggests a beleif that there is no god, which is as irrational as believing that there is a god.

      I’m agnostic I guess, but maybe also a pantheist?


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