Vote for Malala . . .

. . . for Time Magazine’s Person of the Year, here. The actions and courage of this single 14-year old girl may change the world.

9 responses to “Vote for Malala . . .

  1. Indeed, though it isn’t just the Taliban. I see religious extremist from all religions.


    • Hey rebecca – religious extremism is indeed everywhere, but I think the Taliban are in a class by themselves.


      • Maybe so. I know Christians, which I am, have had history of being Nazis and the boiling each other alive in the name of being catholic and protestant. Owning slaves and beating them and raping them and not allowing education. I just found this comment yesterday, in which I am going to write about:

        Posted on November 20, 2012 at 6:33pm
        I think we all know that the only terrorists we must fear are the “Politicians” in D.C.

        Public Education is a Socialist concept. It is the parents responsibility to educate their own children.

        You “Raise” them. Why would you let another stranger indoctrinate them? These Teachers Brainwashing your children aren’t even aware of what they are doing because they were themselves, Brainwashed.

        Pull your children out of school.


        • Oh the Catholics especially have an ugly bloody history. The West got over most of that hundreds of years ago . . . now it’s time to force the issue with the Taliban. I won’t blame our generation for the sins of the fathers but will get behind anyone who challenges lingering medevvil practices!

          That quote sounds like our new friend thefreelifelover . . .


  2. The attack on Malala was a major Taliban miscalculation with international ramifications, probably more effective in countering their influence than a hundred sorties into the valleys of Afghanistan. Way to go, dunderheads!


  3. Aren’t all fundamentalists scared of women?


    • Yup. I’ve always thought brat, that that is a big part of the anti-choice movement, especially the public professional religious scolds. And the Catholic heirarchy too.


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