Tried to see Lincoln today. Fail!

It seems my local movie emporium has discounted tickets on Tuesdays, something of which I was unaware. This is what it looked like when a friend and I got there – and this even though  staff had been walking the line telling people that if they hoped to see Lincoln, it was sold out. Turned right around – I don’t do lines. Fandango next time, but this may be the first time this place sold out. Ah, the irresisitable pull of a good movie plus a $5.00 ticket.  

We’ll try again later in the week.

4 responses to “Tried to see Lincoln today. Fail!

  1. Me too. Can hardly wait to see it.


  2. Oddly we expected the theater to be full and arrived early, but it stayed 2/3 empty. In any event, the movie is quite inspiring.


  3. That photo sure doesn’t look local. BTW, AMC 12 also does $5 Tuesday’s and it doesn’t smell.


    • And the photo is not local. It’s what’s known as an ‘illustration’, employed to emphasize a point, not to record.

      I don’t kow another soul who has complained of a ‘smell’.


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