What, did He make the gravy or something?

Taking silly to a whole new level:  from Tucker Carlson’s Daily Caller:

16 responses to “What, did He make the gravy or something?

  1. Oops, neither did we but it wasn’t an oversight.


  2. why would an atheist communist say grace?? That would be silly. Whats next expect Him to try to make America strong too??


  3. Tucker is such an ass. Not to mention a has-been, to the extent he ever was a “been.”


    • Another one of those guys who will never be the ‘man’ his father was so he’s dedicated himself to rejecting everything the old man stood for. Bet Dad’s really proud. From his wiki:

      He is the elder son of Richard Warner Carlson, a former Los Angeles news anchor and U.S. ambassador to the Seychelles who was president of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and director of Voice of America.[3] His adopted mother is Patricia Caroline Swanson (born 1945), former wife of Howard Feldman and an heiress to the Swanson food-conglomerate fortune.[3][4] He has a brother, Buckley Swanson Peck Carlson.[5][6] A great-uncle was Sen. J. William Fulbright.[4]

      He attended St. George’s School, a boarding school in Newport, Rhode Island. After graduation, he majored in History at Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut, leaving without a degree[7].


      • I didn’t know any of that. Perhaps both boys were simply doomed by their names. I mean “Tucker” and “Buckley” give me a break!


      • In a Capitalist culture, technically, he is a success. Kudos to him. Who the hell is he though? 😉


        • T4T: Carlson is a level-B conservative talkiing-head on the teevee and now editor of a financially failing and vastly overrated online publication. At one point, he was the co-host of CNN’s infamous show, Crossfire.

          For some Tucker fun, see Jon Stewart take him – and his lib co-host – to task for their terrible show. A real classic.


  4. You can have strong spiritual beliefs and yet not make public displays of your faith all the time. Maybe this country can finally become comfortable with a President who is that kind of person…?


    • brat: Reagan was NOT religious but he said all the right things. And that apparently made it okay.

      I’m all aboard with rejecting the ‘wrapping ourselves in the flag” and “carrying a cross”. It’s just unseemly! And gaudy too.


  5. Of course he did. God makes the best beef gravy around, and you know you’re in for a treat if he brings it to Thanksgiving dinner. I’ll bet Obama ate all the gravy on his mashed potatoes and didn’t thank God.

    :: snorts ::


  6. It would be nice if the anti-Obama right would settle on if the President is a flaming secularist, or a hidden Muslim. At least he can’t be both.


  7. Are you giving up or is this just a pre-birthday hiatus?


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