Gobble, gobble y’all

This year I feel especially fortunate. More of my family is here in town – in fact, another brother and a nephew have become neighbors.  The young’un and his wife have been visiting since they were children to see grandparents So this has always been a part of ‘home’ to them.

I’m also grateful that both David Frum and David Brooks have begun using – and not in a nice way – the phrase ‘conservative-entertainment media complex’. 

(Pictured is one of the two pumpkin pies I made this morning. Came out pretty good I think; there’s an apple/cranberry yet to go.)

Happy T’day and please, please, stay away from Black Friday. I worry about injuries. 


12 responses to “Gobble, gobble y’all

  1. Ooh, I can smell that pie from here. Delicious!

    Enjoy your holiday, your family, and staying out of the stores. Life is way to short, as is my temper, to go shopping on Black Friday! Small and local is the way to go.


  2. I’m shocked that a Liberal is celebrating an American holiday like Thanksgiving instead of boycotting “Native American Genocide Day.” It’s a pleasant form of shock though.

    As for Frum and Brooks – I stopped believing they were entitled to opinions about America when they turned against my country. They’re both canucks though, so that was to be expected to happen sooner or later.

    And the pie looks awesome! Ours is an apple pie (Ginger Golds & Granny Smiths) with currants and almonds, spiced with garum masala. Can’t have pumpkin, one of the wives is religiously prohibited from eating them.


    • jonolan, prohibited from eating pumpkin? Surely, that is a tragedy, but also a puzzlement. It’s a new one to me.

      Anyway, if you ever do make one, MOe’s secret ingredient? Black strap molasses!


      • 😆 It’s the interesting part of us all being Pagans. We’ve restrictions and such based upon our Gods and Goddesses that most aren’t familiar with. In Eve’s case, Pumpkin is sacred to Oshun and it’s not supposed to be eaten except in survival situations.

        I eat it though, as does my other wife, and that molasses idea sounds great.


    • @jonolan

      No worries about us Canucks. Its not like its 1812 or something. 😉


      • I’ve got no worries about you canucks and even like a bunch of you. 😆

        Petrochem was a long-standing client of mine and I enjoyed all my times in Calgary, even when it was deep winter thanks to the +15.


  3. Happy Turkey day to you too, Moe. We are doing the traditional feast this afternoon with 2 of 3 sons and 3 of 4 grandkids. Happy chaos will reign. 🙂


  4. Happy Thanksgiving Moe! I’m already chowing down over here…food coma to come soon. And yeah, phooey on Black Friday, especially when it starts on Thursday night! Ever heard of Thanksgiving dinner people? Sheesh…


  5. PIE!!!

    Happy Thanksgiving, Moe. Enjoy the upcoming holiday season.


  6. Happy Thanksgiving Moe….



  7. Trust me – both pies were terrific!


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