I hope they’re grateful too . . .

I know I am very grateful that my enlightened government refuses to officially allow elderly and ill to be impoverished.

A factoid: where are the largest percentages of the Mr. Romney’s 47%? You already knew I’m sure. Remember also that those blue states are largely donor states, getting back less than a dollar for every dollar into the kitty and those red states are largely recipient states. Whoops, I meant ‘takers’.

So it makes perfect sense that they mostly voted for the guy who holds them in contempt. And says so.

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  1. Hmmmm….You’d better be careful, Moe, with showing charts like these. Those states in red are mostly the ones with very high minority populations. Someone on your side might take offense. 😉


    • jonolan – they rank low by every measure and the fed dollars they receive cover infrastructure, education and many many other htings that are not related to individuals. When the distribution is to individuall persons,, the majority of them are recipients of social security, disblity, medicare ettc and are also majority white by huge percentages.


      • Oh, Anonymous 😆

        I wasn’t implying that the minorities were the cause of this. I was just snarking over the tired, repetitive race-baiting that the Left engages in.

        Obviously, if the areas involved are heavily minority, you could be chastised for picking on those regions…or so the logic of the Left seems to say.


  2. These are also the states with the lowest education scores. The GOP clearly appreciates the vallue of an uninformed electorate.


  3. those red states are largely recipient states. Whoops, I meant ‘takers’.

    I think that using groupings like states misses the point. You would have to go down to the individual to identify who is the moocher and who is the productive member of society. The folks in New York that contribute are the bankers and the businessmen and women. The takers in that state aren’t that. Care to guess which group broke which way?

    The left race baits??? That is utter nonsense.

    Oh my God, Moe. Are you kidding me? All you have to do is look at the Rice drama. Republicans, justified or not, are going after her for repeating the canard that Benghazi was a result of the video. It’s what politicians do. But because she is a black woman the republicans are racist and sexist.

    It’s utter bullshit and it happens. All. The. Time.


    • I suggest, Pino, that we examine the underlying premise of the Susan Rice/Benghazi flap. Seems to me it’s the assumption that the President, having collected OBL’s scalp, declared terrorism defeated and that the Benghazi attack would have revealed that he lied to conceal the fact in order to get reelected. But while it is true that OBL and many al Qaeda leaders have been eliminated, nobody declared terrorism defeated. Nobody.

      The truth is that the whole country panicked because of 9/11 and the George W. Bush let that panic turn us into something of a police state with classification of information and curtailment of basic freedoms out of control, not to mention wild spending and unnecessary layers of bureaucracy. Susan Rice was following the rules and certain elements of the GOP have tried to make her a scapegoat. What needs to be done is to get the “intelligence community” under control, something the creation of the DNI and the DHS was supposed to do but which was only worsened thereby.


      • All that is immaterial to the race-baiting and gender-baiting the Left has used against those of the GOP who went after Rice, Wheeler.

        As for getting the Intel Community under control – They are under control – Obama’s control through Petraeus, and that control has led to their actual intel budget being cut in favor of dramatically increasing their paramilitary operations. The CIA is, after all, now the lead element in our Drone Warfare Program.


        • I must disagree, Jonolan, the intelligence community is a motley collection of disparate agencies with no effective head. As evidence, I took it as significant that when Susan Rice went to her private meeting with her GOP critics today, she took the CIA head with her, not the Director of National Intelligence. He would have been worthless. The DNI has no budget authority over any of the agencies, including the CIA. You want more budget for the CIA? I have a simple solution: fire the 5,000 bureaucrats in the National Intelligence directorate and apply the money to the CIA. Then, hold the CIA accountable. But Obama can’t do that because the GOP would scream that he would be cutting security. I think it was Ronal Reagan who said words to the effect that the closest thing to immortality was a government bureaucracy.


          • I don’t know where you came up with the idea that I want the CIA to have a larger budget when I only commented on Obama shifting the use of their existing budget from intelligence gathering to war operations.

            Yes! I do have issues with the CIA being treated as a new sort of Special Forces unit. Since they’re not military, it opens too many legalistic doors that I think should remain closed.


            • Fair enough, jonolan. There’s a difference between CIA and the traditional military, you’re right about that. But you and other readers should consider this: al Qaeda and other terrorists are not traditional enemies, nor is the “war on terror” a traditional “war”. It is an historical truism that nations usually prepare to fight the last war and are caught unprepared for the next because it has changed. As I see it, this is at the center of the problem. “War” has changed but the means by which we deal with it have not.


      • I suggest, Pino, that we examine the underlying premise of the Susan Rice/Benghazi flap.

        Hi Jim,

        Jonolan commented below so I’ll just agree with him. Whatever the premise is regarding the whole Benghazi thing, it has nothing to do with Rice being black or with Rice being a woman.

        So, you could be 100% right that Rice is acting in accordance with those rules, or you might be wrong. The point isn’t that. The point is that the left is calling her attackers racists and sexists.

        Words they don’t even know the meaning of anymore I might add. And THAT is crazy batshit nuts.


        • @ Pino,

          As Moe indicated, sexism and racism were both a part of the recent campaigns, so that’s part of the mix whether we like it or not. But I submit that it’s a mistake to view either side as monolithic on the Benghazi affair, as in ” . . . the left is calling her attackers racists and sexists.” The majority of the left are not doing so it seems to me. Also, I agree with Moe on John McCain’s proclivity for “payback”. He was a much better Naval aviator than he is a politician, IMHO.


  4. Re Rice and the racist/sexist thing. Her gender and race are indeed mentioned often in the commentary on the flap, but the way I’m hearing it is that GOPers have a lot of targets in this thing and to choose a black woman, immediately after taking a drubbing from those very segments of the electorate is just politically insane. Make a stink if you want General John, but your target was poorly chosen.

    Also, McCain as we know is big with holding grudges. I think that becaused she said some very critical stuff about him years ago, this is Payback.


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