Friday night oldie

We all saw Meatloaf this week at the Romney rally.  So very sad. I honestly wish I’d never seen that awful bit of video, so I’m going to work at forgetting it. These should help.

7 responses to “Friday night oldie

  1. Things seem pretty quiet over at Sean’s. You’re too nice of a lady, Moe. I’m still laughing at them.


    • Thanks for the kind word Xavier and the very funny funny link! Love it!
      Yeah, Sean has gone quiet. Over the last few months I’ve found myself needing to take time off periodically, but not like that. Usually just a few days.

      I wonder if he is back in active service?


      • Well these are dark days for their team. I wondered if there’s a Jonestown scenario playing out over there. I would drop by and ask but I’d mostly be gloating. I’m in favor of giving them all the time they need to fully digest the fact that they’ve lost the culture war they started, now and forever.

        Meanwhile, things are going pretty great for us IMHO. Have you heard about the Rolling Jubilee? This is the beginning, not the end. Very exciting!


        • I saw a bit on the teevee the other day about the Rolling Jamboree. It’s quite wonderful and I hope it takes off – it could, kind of the way micro-financing did.

          And as for our frineds at Sean’s and their brethren everywhere . .. Xavier I think they were simply gob-smacked. They have beleived their own spin for so long that even last week the Romneys of the world really thought that we could go live again in ‘Leave it to Beaver’ world, a place that never actually existed, but hey, who cares about reality.

          I think the dialogue is about to change. And we have 55 Senate votes . . . and much better house numbers than before. Here in FL, we’re goign to toss that gov Scott out on his criminal butt in two years. He’s still go an approval rating below 40%.


          • Moe,
            I feel pretty great about it. I agree the reality level in our national conversation overall is rocketing skyward.

            I remember just over a year ago, I told a Republican friend of mine he was wrong when he mocked and dismissed Occupy Wall Street. I told him whatever criticisms he may have about how we define 1% or whatever aside, bottom line he’s on the losing side of history. He got really mad, and I just repeated it again, sorry, you’re on the losing side of history here.

            That pretty much ended our friendship. I’m OK with that. I think the people who refused to cooperate as their prime directive can go ahead and suck it up, because they’ve made themselves irrelevant. The things he was saying were offensive to me personally, lies about me and other people like me, etc. What I said offended him because it was the truth. Go figure.

            I’m glad to hear Scott’s on his way out. We got a new hand selected tea party governor and lieutenant governor here in NC. We also had super PAC money stack our local elections severely. However, progressives are winning the war overall, and we’re definitely going to carry the day here, too. The ground game is just beginning!


  2. Are you on vacation?


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