Warren. McCaskill. Baldwin.. Maybe even Duckworth.

The ladies in my family and circle are very pleased.

5 responses to “Warren. McCaskill. Baldwin.. Maybe even Duckworth.

  1. Warren especially is someone I will watch! Smart and full of heart for the people! GO WOMEN!!


  2. NO makbe about Duckworth. And bravo on Grayson. Now if we could just get rid of Allen West.


  3. And, Moe, of course you know that we didn’t elect the one woman who would have pissed me off most — Linda McMahon. $100 million just doesn’t buy what it used to!


    • Yeah,, it would have hurt to see our beloved home state sink that low. I’ll never forgive Lieberman for ignoring the Dem primary results and keeping Ned Lamont out of the Senate.


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