Pop quiz: which are the anti-Americans

I understand that seven of these guys just voted for that black President again. You’d better go ask your Limbaugh admiring neighbor if he would kindly identify them for you. Can’t be too careful.

5 responses to “Pop quiz: which are the anti-Americans

  1. Trick question! Depending upon why they voted for Obama, there might not be a single American in the picture.


      • Motives for actions matter, Moe. If they voted for the Black guy, I can’t really call them Americans. If they voted for redistributive, statist policies, I can’t really call them Americans.

        If, on the other hand, the voted for Obama for some other reason, e.g., the thought that he’d cut back on foreign wars and not-wars – that’s a different story.

        As for Westboro – I say kill the lot of them down to their last babe in arms before that goad the government into passing more unconstitutional laws…and because it’d be damn satisfying to do.


  2. Are those Westboro Baptist Church members I see in the Background?
    Why yes it is.


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