All dressed up but nowhere can I vote

Not because some fool is trying to stop me (not recommended that anyone try to stand between Moe and her vote) but because I already voted. I’m told that twice is not permitted.

I mailed in my ballot this year; since then, I confirmed that it was properly recorded at the County office. And that’s nice. But today I feel lost. I want to stand in that booth and I want to get my ‘I Voted!’ sticker.

Maybe if I stop by they’ll give me one of those anyway. Yeah, that’s what I’ll do.


8 responses to “All dressed up but nowhere can I vote

  1. I voted by mail here in Oregon too…but I can’t say that I feel let down, because I really don’t envy those poor peeps who had to stand in line for 7 hrs to vote.
    Also, I have to brag just a little…my first Presidential vote as an American citizen! I hope I’m not starting my track record off by voting for the loser, hehe…


  2. I voted this morning, then went about my business with the “I Voted” sticker in the center of my forehead. Hey, no one said I HAD to put it on clothing.


    • In fact I did end up driving to the precint and getting my sticker! But I’m a very subdued one dontchaknow – I wore it quite conventionally – and proudly.


  3. I’m proud to say I have voted in every Congressional and Presidential election since I was eligible. Let’s see, that would be 29 elections! Often it was by absentee ballot when I was absent courtesy of the U.S.N. The bad part of that is that it took me so long to come to my senses and vote Democratic. Ah well, better late than never. 😉


    • And we’re so glad to have you Jiim! I remember election night in 1960 and being with 30 of my best friends in the common room at my college dorm (where the dorm’s one and only tv was located!). We were too young to vote, but just entranced by JFK. Stayed up all night.


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