Where are the conservative performers he asks

Oh the stupid, it just hurts. The ‘timing is suspicious’ they say. Perhaps it might have been better if NBC did their one hour benefit concert before the storm and not so close to the election.

After all, they could have included Meatloaf (formerly a favorite of mine). Listen to what a has-been who’s lost the voice sounds like (he jumps in at 1:00) and check out the confused Mitt Romney who has certainly never heard Paradise by the Dashboard Light.

12 responses to “Where are the conservative performers he asks

  1. Reblogged this on gfmurphy101 and commented:
    Poor oul Meatloaf, whatever happened to that ‘bat out of hell’ voice, think your hangin with the wrong would has ground you down man


  2. Ah yes, the much touted tolerance and kindness of Liberals – a performer, no aging, is the target for ridicule because he doesn’t support your pResident.


    • jonolan, you’re reading me wrong here (again?): when Clint Eastwood looked foolish at the GOP convention, my heart was breaking for him, I thought it was somewhat embarrassing, but he is STILL one of my favorites. In spite of who he supports.


    • Grant you my post reads as though I were turning on him for his politics and maybe there is a bit of that here . . . I am more judgemental today about Romney supporters than I was at the time of the ocnvention. You know my dislike of Romney has turned from th epolitical to the personal. The more i see of him, the more I deeply dislike this man.


  3. Lost in these comments is the stupidity of the first video. People are hurting now and need our help now. Conspiracy theorists will find conspiricies wherever they look. I guess they can be foregiven for not recognizing compassion when they show so little of it.


  4. I am *waiting* at the edge of my seat for the conspiracy theorists to start saying that the storm itself was created by the gov’t to get more votes for Obama. The HARP program, perhaps? I’ve listened to Coast to Coast AM for years, so I know how this goes….


  5. This is one of those times I’d really like to have been there on the panel.
    When he asked ‘Where are the Conservative performers, I’d have said with straight face ‘Yes where are they? The Conservative performers don’t seem to care do they’?
    Gotta love FOX. Can’t wait for the next conspiracy, they have to create it.


    • Hey fatherkane, nice to see you! Maybe we could also ask WHO those conservative performers are. If The Meat is the biggest rocker they could snag, the pickings must be pretty slim.


  6. Wow, I was actually watching Fox and Brett Baiier when he mentioned that CBS and ABC were now reporting on the Behghazi story. It only took you 7 weeks to catch up. Pretty impressive. That was news in itself that you were actually doing your job and REPORTING THE NEWS. Quit covering for this president. Do your journalistic duties and inform the American people ā€” not your interpretation or lack thereof ā€” but the actual news story. That would really be a step up for a news organization I used to admire.


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