Something I never thought I’d say

Billy Joel rocks. He does.

If you didn’t see him on the NBC Hurricane fundraiser, go find it.

6 responses to “Something I never thought I’d say

  1. Billy Joel always rocked. Don’t you remember Piano Man?


  2. Moe your not a fan of Billy Joel? Holy Cow. I now have to re-think everything you ever wrote, liked, or didn’t like! 😉 He’s the pride of Long Island!


  3. Guys – I always ‘liked’ Billy Joel, but he never touched me before. Last night, he did.

    And hey JP, nice to see you. Be assured I did not mean to cast aspersions EVER on Billy Joel OR Long Island. Crimminy . . . I’m Queens born meself!


  4. Recommended for any Billy Joel fan is the documentary LAST PLAY AT SHEA. It is amazing and especially meaningful to us NYCers who live there during Shea’s relatively brief history. And yes, Billy ROCKS!!!


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