To my peeps in the Northeast, stay safe

(Thank Elvis, Romney is still all talk.)

7 responses to “To my peeps in the Northeast, stay safe

  1. I always cringe when you reference Elvis.


  2. Well, Mittens is right if we prefer to keep a broken and increasingly regressive tax system,if we prefer to spend on unnecessary wars,if if we insist on re-building other nations for other people,if if we insist on a healthcare system that costs more than double what it ought to cost,if we continue to add unnecessary layers of bureaucracy because 11 terrorists scared us. But if we come to our senses, spend sensibly and refuse to be stampeded we can fix our crumbling infrastructure and afford FEMA too.


  3. Thank Goodness Romney ain’t the Guy in Charge…

    He’s the Guy who wanted to get rid of FEMA…

    I can hear his orders for the storm…



  4. Spending money on saving people from disasters = immoral. Spending money on bombing people = moral.


  5. Allow me to get all blog-whorey here – this is relevent to this thread. It’s from my reply to a comment from jonolan further down:

    FEMA is far from perfect but using Katrina as an example is bizarra – that was entirely a failure of politics, not of the technocrats who are the agency. The Gov screwed up for sure. But the Fed failure was just disgraceful and c an be traced directly to Bush who downgraded the agency and put a babysitter in charge. It’s a far more functional agency today. It’s also essential.

    States do plenty right now – all first responders are local – police,, firefighters, nurses, city workers – the people down in the subways and workoing on the lines are municipal or private employees. And they do almost all the work of physical recovery and always will. What a Federal agency provides reallt cannot be provided by states, since disasters don’t respect borders. An agency like FEMA has teams all over the country – not full time employees, but situtional and called in as needed – who are activated as neccessary and called into the affected area. THey set up in communities and bring very specific skills to help neighborhoods connect with federal or natioanl non profits. Sometimes just being able to answer questions is essential.

    We have a combined effort, which is exactly what we need. Imagine if you wiill the Jersey shore trying to deal with the aftermath – they’d have their hands tied behind their backs and they’d be spread so thin . . .unthinkable.

    Plus, these disasters don’t hit states – they hit our country. Sandy affected 20 states – try to coordinate recovery and financial aid with 20 bosses all fighting for their slice oof the pie and share of hte money.


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