I really don’t like Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney is a deeply dishonest person.

I don’t know what else to say – I’m still digesting how much I was disturbed by his affect and his lies tonight.

13 responses to “I really don’t like Mitt Romney

  1. Yep, me too. But I’m not sure if dishonest is the right word. Several seem to fit, but regardless, it is disturbing.

    Pragmatic in a higher cause which he chooses not to share with outsiders.

    Bottom line, it seems to add up to consequentialism.


    • I don’t know what it was about tonight Jim. I’ve never warmed up to the guy and lost respect for him about five minutes into his campaign, but he never before had the effect on me that he did tonight. I found myself recoiling.

      Ends justify the means, indeed. Oh, sorry, I meant consequentialism at work!


  2. If that is how you feel about Romney, you must not like Obama much either…. if you use the same measurement. I mean, they are both lying politicians who will say whatever they feel will get them in the White House.


    • Nope FL, – they are both politicians of course, with all that means, but Romney’s dishonesty is about who he is and what he beleives, not about what he’s done or is going to do.


      • And that is different from Obama how except that Obama is a liar about all of the above and Romney has had less opportunity so far for the “done” and “going to do?”


  3. Hmmmmmm. I kinda agree with FLPatriot. Though on the scale of lying, Romney can’t hold a candle to the liar-in-chief.


  4. It’s practically Romney’s calling card — but of course, that doesn’t make it any less disturbing to watch.


    • You may have heard that when he ran for Gov in MA, they said he was not pro choice or anti choice, he was multiple-choice. Nothing’s changed iwth Mitt.


  5. It says far more about us than it does about Romney and Obama . You guys see Romney as a liar . That is exactly how we see Obama . The only time I ever heard Obama not lie was his Gabby Giffords speech . The only time . The perception gap between you guys and us is truly amazing .

    I hope our side is not that delusional, but it is scary to read what you guys post .


  6. You guys see Romney as a liar . That is exactly how we see Obama (Alan)

    As an outsider I would have to say youre both right. 😉


    • The difference between conservatives and liberals/progressives:

      Conservative: Obama = Liar, Romney = Liar
      Liberal/Progressive = Romney = Liar, Obama = Saint


      • I’d put it differently FL :
        Conservative: Romney = liar (really?); Obama = Kenyan socialist
        Liberal: Romeny = liar; Obama = good guy,, a bit too arrogant, something of a disappointment.


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