I almost forgot


10 responses to “I almost forgot

  1. Would someone please take a poll on how many times Romney has changed his mind and lied!


  2. It was breathtaking, wasn’t it!


  3. This was a technical excersize for Romney….

    I think he tried to appeal to Ohio with the Auto Answer…
    But Obama called him out on it….

    The ships was about Virginia

    Obama CALLED him out again and again….

    But ABOVE all Romney tracked to the middle …..

    he knows he’s slightly behind…

    Conservatives should be uneasy …


  4. But even with ALL the polls shownig a Obama win ….

    Romney was micro aiming…..


  5. I heard (broadcast) the speech from Dayton when he used Romnesia … and I had to laugh!


  6. America could use some Romnesia, it may help us forget the last 4 years of depression that Obamanation has given us.


    • FL, the ‘great recession’ as it’s now known, began in 2008 and officially ended in 2010. In Nov ’08 we were losing jobs at a rate of 750,000 a month. We have now had almost three years of slow but consistent job growth. The stock market has regained every penny it lost and more. The biggest businesses are sitting on billions but holding off on spending them. Of all the developed economies in the world, we’ve recovered faster and more securely than anyone except Germany and a few of the Scandinavian countries.

      I suggest we vote for more of that! But go ahead and beleive what you’ll beleive.


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