But, but, but . . . he’s not a Mormon!

The Salt Lake City Tribune (I love any newspaper that calls itself ‘Tribune’) just endorsed a candidate for President. Guess who.

(They’re rolling in tonight. More endorsements from elite liberal newspapers: The Denver Post and The Tampa Bay Times.)

17 responses to “But, but, but . . . he’s not a Mormon!

  1. Isn’t that amazing. Sort of like the fact that Romney, the former Governor of Massachusetts will lose his own state by double didgets. The folks that know him best, don’t like him.


    • And now it appears he’s going to lose Michigan too – his home state where his Dad was governor. Jeez.


      • Fingers perpetually crossed, Moe!


        • We’ll know soon Elyse . . soon. I say it’s not as tight as the polls say..


          • I am getting positive results in my phone banking here in VA. I’m pretty sure we’re going to win here!


            • Yeah!!! I’m thinking Obama does really really well in the swing states.


              • As long as the suppression mechanism is overcome. That’s what I’ll be doing tomorrow — poll watching. And of course the GOP is playing games here as well as OH and FL.

                They have no shame…


                • Good for you. It may be that after the election we may see a lot of stories about how much went badly at the polls. Right now, here in FL, on the last days of early voting, the lines were so long (people waiting up to four hours) that eventually the polls were kept open beyond the publlished hours. But not in ALL counties. Looking at those lines, it was like seeing a Third World country.


                • If I have time and any stories to tell, I may just feel the need to blog about them. Of course, they stuck me in McLean Virginia — so I will be protecting the rights of rich white folks mostly. I was totally disgusted until, when I was voting absentee in person, a young woman had a problem and I was able to help her. So I guess we want those rich white folks’ votes, too. It is a notoriously liberal part of NoVA!


                • Okay, then we shoould all check into your place periodically tomorrow to see what’s happening. I certainly will. Going to be a hell of a day.


                • Your take on the debates was quite helpful!


  2. The best part of that endorsement was that it is factually incontrovertible. The only argument the wingnuts could have is in the choice of adjectives and adverbs.


  3. Tampa Bay Times: “We wish the economic recovery was more vigorous, and we would like the president to present a sharper vision for a second term. But Obama has capably steered the nation through an incredibly difficult period at home and abroad, often with little help from Congress.”

    Isn’t it a great relief.. to read lines like that. Just plain and sane.


  4. This was absolutely uplifting news!


  5. Wow.

    I would have never of thunk it.

    November 6 is right around the corner and it looks like Ohio is a very important State in this election – looks like I have to get out there and vote.

    A vote for Obama is a vote against holy underwear.


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