The presses shut down on a big one

Newsweek. Newsweek will cease print publication at the end of this year and become all digital. And there will be a pay wall.

We’ve seen this happening with lots of publications of course, but this is really huge. And there will be more to follow I’m sure.

When I worked in magazine publishing, which I did for many years, I did business with a number of the offset plants around the country who also printed Newsweek and Time. They were big companies those printers. No doubt in recent years, fewer plants and fewer personnel have been involved, so the damage won’t be as widespread as it once would have been, but damaging it will be to vendors of all stripes. Even today, Newsweek has been printing a million and a half copies every week.

Good news for the trees though.



4 responses to “The presses shut down on a big one

  1. Wow. That is big. But wait does this mean that like wooden spoons will become digital because of conserving trees? I don’t get it.


  2. How much does the magazine cost these days?


  3. It’s a sad day.. but probably inevitable. It’s a shame Ms Brown made a mockery of the magazine in the last stretch though.


  4. Saving trees because of the digital age has been predicted for two decades and it hasn’t happened yet. Maybe now it finally is happening. Now that we’ve learned to farm trees. Oh the irony! 🙄


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