So far the world doesn’t agree with me

But I say the President had a great debate. Great.

13 responses to “So far the world doesn’t agree with me

  1. Really? I’ve been hearing positive reactions. Is CNN bashing him? They seem to be leaning towards Romney lately, argh.


  2. Much better than last debate. He definitely won on women’s issues, tossed away the NRA vote (yay!) , which he wouldn’t get anyway, of course. On jobs I thought he made a really important point when he said “Not just jobs but good paying jobs”. Also “The only specific cuts Romney mentioned were Big Bird & Planned Parenthood!” was good. Romney is still lying when he said no tax on investments. He says it’s for the middle class, but it’s for the rich, I don’t think he used the term “capital gains”. On immigration, I guess it depends on how you lean; I’m with Obama on that one.


  3. I have to say that the world DOES agree with you. O’Bama, had a great debate…we saw the president tonight.


  4. Everything I heard and have read said O won the night. Were you watching Fox again? Stop it!


  5. So far the response I have heard is a tie. The left says Obama won and the right says Romney, but the independents say tie.

    Scoreboard: Romney 1.5 – Obama 0.5

    Of course the only scoreboard that matters is the electoral college in January.


  6. Candy was great and the President came alive…The look on Romney’s face when the President said I am the Commander in Chief was priceless…..Romney is a con man who wants to close the deal..He’ll say anything…Oh the President won this


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