Pay equity for women

Obama hit home run cuz he had Lilly Ledbetter.

Romney said he hired women. No mention of pay – his answer puts him in about 1982.

Oh dear Elvis,  he’s actually talking about ‘pulling women into the work force”. Has no one told him that women constitute the majority of the work force? Worse – he now says we need to look at flexible hours because women have children you see.

The killer line: Mitt said he had a ‘binder of women’. He said that, really.

Strong comback from Obama. He went right back to pay equity.

8 responses to “Pay equity for women

  1. True dat. Now R is stumbling, sounding vague. Nice rebuttal using Lily Ledbetter. Ahhhh now to contraception!


  2. Yeah, it’s definiitely getting better.


  3. Mitt didn’t really *have* anything substantive to say about equity for women. Reminiscing about the women he’s hired in the past doesn’t count as an actual plan.


  4. I’ll get back to you on this after I go through my binder.


  5. Gotta be home in time to cook that dinner…


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