Obama strong, talks about immigrants striving, people wanting to come to America.

Romeny? E-verify. Arizona. Obama didn’t do immigration in first year.

And Mitt just violated time again. Romney has been over the top on this grab for more minutes a number of times now.

3 responses to “Immigration

  1. Moe, I actually agree that immigration should be stymied. I have caught a lot of flak on this site and others for speaking out against immigration and multiculturalism, especially as someone who subscribes to far-left ideals.

    Ever wonder why ALL capitalist nations are multicultural? Find me a single nation driven by commerce and consumerism that hasn’t opened their floodgate.

    Think that’s a coincidence?

    The difference is, the right uses it as a point of emphasis in their efforts to create more dissent and xenophobia amongst the have-nots, and the moronic, so-called “left” simply can’t see the forest for the trees.

    Both parties do their part in order to keep america diverse and divided; multiculturalism and immigration play into the hand of the fat-cats – make no mistake.


  2. ^ It’s not just about cheap labor, although that’s a nice bonus too.


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