It’ll be interesting to see our friends on the right spin this. Obama is charged with having done nothing to get AK-47’s off the streets. So he’s spinning a bit because as we know he’s not so much as mentioned guns in four years.

But the Tea Party and the NRA and FOX say he’s the greatest enemy of the 2nd Amendment since before the remote control.

Play with that one Rush.

Romney: marriage! The American system! Fast and Furious! He just said we don’t know how it worked exactly, but Fast and Furious!

Wheee – Candy, you rock! Romney said he wouldn’t ban any guns and Candy mentioned he put an assault weapon ban in place in Massachusetts. She asked him why he changed his mind! She did! Really.

2 responses to “Guns

  1. I am still going to hoard 9 mm ammo as I am convinced by those much smarter than I that it will be new currency in the future.


  2. The reason you got nothing really on guns is …..
    American’s LOVE THEIR GUNS…
    NO president is gonna seriously take them away….

    The subject is TOXIC…..


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