Candy Crowley set a new standard

The lady was thorough and professional. More of this please. 

Ice cream!

9 responses to “Candy Crowley set a new standard

  1. With sprinkles!


  2. I enjoyed her spanking Romney on the President’s post-Benghazi Rose Garden address.


  3. I didn’t watch, but I had confidence in her. Interesting how the GOP surrogates are panning her this morning.

    BTW – Hope you see my campaign speech. 😉


  4. She was a huge surprise! Very well done.


  5. In today’s NY Times Ross Douthat made a point about Romney’s style, and what he calls two of his weak spots, “…his tendency to argue pointlessly with the moderator and his opponents over the rules of order. The other is his habit of pressing his advantage too far, seeking a kind of alpha-male moment that can seem bullying instead of strong.”

    Seem bullying? In the debates, Romney repeatedly tried to establish dominance, successfully with Lehrer, unsuccessfully with Crowley. Ryan did exactly the same thing in the vice-presidential debate. This isn’t weakness; it’s the heart of conservatism. Romney was playing to his base: conservatives love a bully, as long as the bully succeeds. Conservatism is about power, power lost and the struggle to get it back; it only understands human relations in terms of power, dominance, and hierarchy. When Romney tried to bully the moderator and the President, conservatives could join in, vicariously participating in a sort of giant electronic beat down. Douthat only demonstrated his lack of understanding of the conservative mind and how warped it really is.


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