Today might be the last time this is funny

UPDATE ANDD YIKES!!! –  AS OF NOVEMBER 23: Yikes, the vid I posted here was  a prez debate vid, I’ve tried to get it back up but it keeps reverting to this Twilight thingee. I’m helpless in the face of youtube’s secret army of confuserers.

MOE’S ORIGINAL OCTOBER POST: BadLipReading videos are a genuinely original form. No one else has ever done anything like what they do. This may be their best.

4 responses to “Today might be the last time this is funny

  1. Excellent, Moe. I have to tell you though, it’s a little like adding the hot dry peppers to my pizza – a little goes a long way! 😆


  2. I shall love Bad Lip Reading until the day I die, if for nothing else, that the Moody Blues-esque song in this video. Who knew that Mitt Romney was black? And who exactly is the guy who bathes in eggs?


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