Best John Stewart line ever

On last night’s post-debate show, Stewart ran video of a very distraught Chris Matthews, whose voice got louder with each utterance, whose face got a little redder with each utterance, who nearly cried out to the gods, as an illustration of how bad was Obama’s debate performance. To wit:

STEWART: Mr. President, you broke Chris Matthews!

8 responses to “Best John Stewart line ever

  1. He’s been going on like that for TWO DAYS!


    • I know james, he’s really perplexed. And angry. Well, hey, why not be angry – looks like my guy didn’t even want to be there. Not very presidential.


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  3. My honest first reaction was I didn’t think Obama was so bad, but the reaction of it as an Obama disaster seems to have really set in as the consensus.

    When I watched it on youtube (before I listened on the radio and missed the first few minutes), I did feel more that Obama got off to a bad start.

    I think he was mostly trying to play defense and set on the existing lead.


    • Bruce, for me the ‘tell’ was the two mnutes closing remarks. Romney delivered a focused, structured summary. Obama just wandered all over the place. The opening and closing remarks are the only thing in the debate the candiates control. they can write it and rehearse it in advance. And my sense was that Barry didn’t even bother. That bothered me most of all.


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    GREAT!!! (GRINS!!)


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