And Ayn Ryan didn’t help

Look at “Age 65 and Older”. That’s a demo where Romney should be doing much better. Perhaps some day, in one of what will be many stories about how the 2012 election played out, this graphic might be resurrected and renamed How Medicare sunk Romney ‘s dreams of the White House. Chart from National Journal where the story is worth a read.

13 responses to “And Ayn Ryan didn’t help

  1. Interesting graphic … thanks for sharing!

    BTW – Yesterday was the first time I ever heard (in person) any First Lady speak.


  2. 1. This poll differs from the ones I’m hearing about in the evening news. Those indicate OB ahead by about 3 points.
    2. Interesting that the NJ poll clearly shows that the public blames inter-party gridlock in Congress as the principal reason for the bad economy but that doesn’t seem to translate into blame for the GOP. But again, maybe it does, since OB is edging ahead in the critical swing states.


    • Actually Jim, I’ve seen countless polls showing hte public blames the GOP for congressional gridlock. Whether that translates into votes? Who knoows.


  3. Frankly, all these polls are now meaningless. They’re all corrupted by bad polling practices, political bias, and a significant shift in people’s willingness and ability to answer polls.

    Obama could be up by 9+ or Romney could be up by 9+ and we’ll never know until the election.


    • If you Americans are anything like the Quebecois then it might all be dependent on how much beer you drink the night before. 😉


      • I’m not sure but that has been posited before.

        How do they measure the difference with the Quebecois though? They seem to maintain a stable baseline of inebriation most of the time.

        Up there it might be the poutine more than beer making the difference.


  4. The poutine comes after the beer. 🙂


  5. I heard Quebec maintains a Strategic maple syrup reserve and they had a major theft . First question, why is a strategic maple syrup reserve needed ? Second question, how do you fence $ 30 million of maple syrup ?


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