How Bill Clinton won his third term

I wish I could see deeply enough into this to know if the divergence began the night of or the day after Clnton’s speech at the DNC. Quite remarkable! (Since this is Intrade, I’d guess ‘the night of’).

Libya and the 47% pile it on, but I could be convinced this was just the big dog turning around a battleship with one hand.

9 responses to “How Bill Clinton won his third term

  1. Just think…..
    ALL 2008 and 2009 the Obama people couldn’t
    ex-DEMOCRATIC President…William Jefferson Clinton…
    Would even acknowledge him….
    Now he’s carrying the water for Obama….
    And notching up IOU’s from the President…..


  2. A part of this might be that after the Midterms he decided that he couldn’t stay away anymore – as Obama made a disaster on the “politics” part of running the White House – and lost so badly to the tea party troops. And that’s when he wrote the “Back to Work” book – which outlines the longer argument he presented on the Convention – and probably motivates him to stay in permanently, and paper over any arrogance and borderline humiliating stuff from Obama..


    • I agree mac – I watched Obama at hte debate last night and I was just squirming. And I thought more than once, omg, Clinton’s head must be exploding!


      • Yes, and gosh – it’s been a full week already! In shock and disbelief.
        And Clinton is out there on full volume now. It’s great to see. Let him carry this election – and give him some big projects afterwards.

        Joking aside, I’m not sure Obama would even mind. He could fade out his Presidency over the second term, his heart was never into this anyways.


        • mac, do you think that for Obama it was about getting the prize, not wanting the presidency? It’s not a crazy idea.


          • Yeah, it’s a big topic..
            I just went back to a post from Jan 2010 with some various thoughts about why he probably would want to quit after his first term; a lot is wrong, but some of it still stands: (we had a nice chat there too!)
            Which might account for a lack of want for another term and some of his bizarre behavior in the debate last week.

            As for wanting the prize foremost – I’m guessing it’s complicated…
            I’m not sure he fully understood what this job is really about on the daily level. How operational and grinding it is.. It might seem like he thought it to be more of a strategic planning type of job. Working on the philosophical basis for modelling and building national long-term frameworks – which he probably enjoys. But going on the stump for a Senator to keep the super majority in the Senate – nah. Not interested. Which is bizarre, again.

            So unconsciously – I think you’re right. He doesn’t care for this job. And he always says: “AS President, I will blah blah” – making a distance.

            Maybe it’s like Thomas Jefferson – with the Declaration of Independence and “Father of Virginia University” on his tomb stone. Not a word about his two terms as President.


            • Oh wow. That was a fun re-visit. I think I’d actually forgotten how I felt then – maybe because of health care, or maybe because of the amazing blindness of the opposition to the previous 8 years, which it seems never happened..

              And that Jefferson thing . . . really interesting comparison.


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