The angry gods of the interwebs came for me today

First WordPress shut me out of multiple functions, something that’s been building over the last few days. I couldn’t even access the WP help forums and found no solace in outside forums. Deeply frustrated, I turned away and decided to make some calls.

Uh-oh. Dialing yields only a dial tone. I unplug and replug, I reboot, I turn off, I turn on. I change clothes and even re-comb my hair. Nothing. Nada. Sorry. Have a nice day.

So it was on to MagicJack live chat help – for a 53-minute long chat. That’s 53, as in fifty-three. They sent a few updates and did some remote resets. Once again there was much unplugging and replugging and even more rummaging around in Device Managers and such.

But they did it. Those sweet sweet kids in Bangladesh or wherever, fixed it. I am grateful.

So now one thing is fixed, but the WordPress problem sits there, waiting. More tries but it was just hitting a wall.

And yet here I am. Posting – because I decided to try the desktop. And voila! Everything works fine over here!

So the problem is in my laptop somewhere. And it is something beyond my ken. This may require a visit from the good Todd, he who fixes all things.

It is now four hours since I sat at my desk, four lost hours.

I’m going to have a Diet Coke.

10 responses to “The angry gods of the interwebs came for me today

  1. Ugh. I can relate. I’ve been having major problems with WordPress, including the eternal “Invalid Request” message.

    I’ll just be happy if this thing ever allows me to post links in my blogs 🙂


  2. Aaand…right on cue, after I posted this comment, WordPress has in fact allowed me to post links.

    The Universe loves to mock me, and I make such a good target for it!


    • brat – I’ve been having lots of problems over hte last few months – all kinds of functions either no longer accessible, no longer visible or just broken. But now, working on this desktop (I’m usually on the laptop), I find everything that doesn’t work over there works over here – and not just the stuff I was having trouble iwth today. This has me pretty concerned. I will have to call in the pro – I’ve no idea what’s going on.


  3. Whaaat? Combing your hair didn’t work?! Then you just have to get out the big guns — put on a fresh muumuu. That’s what I do anyway.


  4. I thinkit’s a vast right wing conspiracy. Do the Koch brothers own Word Press? Keep fighting the good fight.


  5. Good thing you hung on to the desktop. When is Todd coming?


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