Is Mitt a secret colonial oppressor?

Mitt Romney’s odd use of “sport” and “aircraft” reminds me of an oddity between American and British English. While it is entirely understandable that different countries sharing a language would develop different words for things, like “lift” and “elevator”, “flat” and “apartment” and hundreds of others, I am puzzled by the the opposite use of the ‘s’es here.

Why do we say math and they say maths, but they say sport and we say sports?

How did that happen? And dear Elvis, is it possible that Mitt is not a real American?

19 responses to “Is Mitt a secret colonial oppressor?

  1. My favorite is “revise” and “review.” Once my British boss asked me to “revise” an important paper for him. So I edited the hell out of it. His mouth fell open and then, when he realized I had significantly improved it, gave me more and more writing projects. That’s actually how I became a medical writer — it was all a mistake!


  2. If Mitt’s a closet colonialist, and Obama’s a closet anti-colonialist: will they annialiate each other in the debate like matter and anti-matter???


    • Obama does rather resemble the average Post Colonial leader in a number of ways, doesn’t he?


      • Let me guess the ways . . .


        • I’ll bet your guesses are both wrong and self-serving, Moe.

          Just look objectively at his campaigning history, his policy attempts, and his rhetoric. It closely mimics, both in substance and in outcome, those of various Post-Colonial leaders.

          And yes, how he consistently refers to Romney is similar as well to how such Post-Colonial leaders referred to most Europeans of any wealth or power.

          It’s not always about “race.” In point of fact, it’s almost never about race unless one includes someone’s culture / subculture as part of “race.”


          • Why, I thought you meant post-colonial as in Washington, Jefferson, Adams et al.

            I know what you meant jonolan – countries who shook off colonial overlords in the 20th century. Countries in Africa, island nations, some Asian, some South American. Countries like Kenya. I guess you meant it ‘culturally’. All those countries do tend to have different cultures than white majority countries.

            Roosevelt went after the very wealthy in the 1930’s. His rehetoric was more focused but the sentiment was the same. An ocean of inequality, which we all know is a nation-killer must be fought, must be overcome. It almost brought us to our knees in the 30’s and almost did it again in 2008.

            I’m all for being post-that-kind-of-concentratoin-of-wealth.


            • The problem is that the current plan of President Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi does nothing to break up the concentration of wealth at the top and does everything to punish success in the middle.


  3. I love watching British comedy and I still can’t get used to them going on holiday.


  4. i heard he was born in a garage somewhere in remote Canada.


  5. Coming late to the Britishism’s discussion I know – maybe I’m subscribed too broadly, old beans.

    The trait that has always fascinated me is the Brits’ treatment of collective nouns as plural, as in “the Navy are seeking to expand their fleet”. To me that indicates a sense of the importance of grammar in being precise about meaning. In contrast, we Americans eschew such awareness even if we understand it because, some of us at least, think it sounds pretentious. The example that comes to mind is the use of “whom”, the objective of “who”, as in “whom do you think would use words that way?”

    Hmm. I wonder if Mitt’s debate trainer has trained him out of the whom habit yet? It would be bloody awful if he came across pretentious.


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  7. Jings! (Scots English) thank you for the post, I found a brilliant (Brit useage) piece of kit (Brit usage) thats just the very dab (Scots English) at “Not one off Britishisms” that I am sure you will love. The links are at my site


    • Oh what fun David! My sister’s niece is living in London, so I must send her the link. I’m pretty impressed this guy made it to the BBC. I must also say I quite admire his chosen WordPress ‘theme’ (same as mine! 😆 )


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