Promoted from comments (my own actually)

Chatting with the Arborist in a post below, I noted something I’ve been meaning to write about, but I never got around to it.

On FOX News a few years ago in a conversation about those lazy masses dragging down good honest hard working ‘mericans, actor Craig Nelson famously said: “I’ve had hard times too. I’ve even been on food stamps and welfare. Did anybody help me? No.”

4 responses to “Promoted from comments (my own actually)

  1. Mr. Incredible on food stamps! That boogles the mind.

    It is pretty funny that he doesn’t think of it as help.

    Is he calling for a more consistent process? In other words it seems to me that a lot of anger the last four years has been aimed at tailored bail-outs: the auto bail-out; and the bank bail-out. He thinks let the bankers and union members go on the same welfare as everyone else.

    I think maybe I see the logic a little better in that light.


  2. Everytime I see that clip, it just makes me chuckle. It seems to illustrate the disconnect people have between their hatred o government and the services it provides that they find helpful when times are tough or even to help them get ahead a bit.


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