Where are the 47% from? Bah, you knew all along

The Atlantic sheds some light on the subject (notice that the red states are Red States and the blue states are mostly Blue States). This is a pattern we see often on issues like teenage pregnancy, educational levels, income, health, obesity. It’s not Connecticut that isn’t educating its next generation.

10 responses to “Where are the 47% from? Bah, you knew all along

  1. So I guess they’ll be turning blue this go round. I won’t be holding my breath.


  2. This is bizarre, Moe, but it’s a bizarre with which I am familiar here in SW Missouri. People here have a grand tradition of voting against their own self-interest. 🙄


    • As in Thomas Franks’ Kansas. I think it’s more evidence of how successful GOP messaging has been in recent decades.

      And I’m in Florida Jim, where NOTHING makes sense!


  3. Ms. Holland ,

    ” It’s not Connecticut that isn’t educating its next generation. ”
    Connecticut was rated the worst run State by Barrons. Illinois and California have the lowest credit ratings .


    • Alan, as usual, a simple link to that Barron’s article would lend credence to your claim. Rated based on what? Makes all the difference and in any case, we’re talking about who is the 47%. Seen anything that actually challenges that assertion?


    • It does appear, however, that Connecticut residents are contributing more in taxes than the red states shown. I’m wondering how the credit rating stuff is relevant here.


      • Connecticut is a major ‘donor state’, meaning they pay far more in taxes than they ever get back, while most of those southern states get back far more than they pay.


  4. Isn’t it fantastic watching people cut their own throats….damn welfare bums stealing my money ( while picking up foodstamps/social assistance). I thought I had bought the best, most resilient irony meter around…it just went *splang*..



    • I’m sure you’re familiar Arb with the attitude polls where something like 70% of people on SS and/or Medicare say they get nothing from the gov’t.


    • On FOX News once,, the actor Craig Nelson famously said: “I’ve had hard times too. I’ve even been on food stamps and welfare and did anybody help me? No.”


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