Moving up a decade this Friday

I loved Blood, Sweat & Tears.

6 responses to “Moving up a decade this Friday

  1. When you said moving up a decade I thought you from last weeks 80’s number to maybe barenaked ladies or matchbox 20 in the 90’s, but no you’ve gone back to the 70’s.


    • Bruce, I forgot about last week! I claim the broken brain of an aging one.

      Mostly I’ve kept to the 50s, 60’s. And I’ll still do them, but there so much from the 70’s and 80’s that I love.


  2. Was this for me?


  3. I challenge you to pick something from the 90’s or even the 00’s. I think making at least some effort to keep with music that came long after our teens and twentys keeps us mentally flexible. Lady GaGa maybe.


    • I agree entirely bruce – I can MEET that challenge. And will post! My problem will be that while there’s lots of 90’s, ’00’s stuff I really like, I don’t pay enough attention to know the band/singers names.


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