13 responses to “Honest

  1. Faux Nation strikes again. 👿


  2. Well, he did and Fox’s headling is no more sensational or biased than any of the lamestream media’s.

    I particularly “love” the the boy made sure to side against Americans who have no use for the evils of Islam during the call. Got to keep his brothers in arms happy I guess.


    • That is your measure of the man. But you should still be respectful, Jon.

      “Boy” was used repeatedly alongside the “N” word as a way to demasculinize black men, and perpetrated by insecure, racist white males (probably not to different from yourself).

      Even if you don’t like the man, you should be sensitive enough concerning our nation’s history, as well as mindful of the progress of having a black man president, so as not to use such a pejorative.

      Your post tells me you are neither. In fact, blatantly and willfully neither.

      It seems that I finally see what’s fueling your venomous hatred of our president.


      • Nope. I refuse to fall victim to the “history” written by Liberals, Samuel. I won’t change my language because a subset of the residents in my country have decided that it has “historical weight.”

        As for what you think of me – so what? Do you really think you or your opinions of anyone matter? Or me and mine for that matter?


      • Hi Samuel, welcome! I’ve heard that ‘boy’ thing used more and more by the usual suspects. They really don’t even try to gloss over it any more..


  3. I’m glad the President did that…

    The Libyans say they have the people who committed this crime.
    Why should Obama call?

    Now it will up to American FBI to double check the arrests….

    The important thing is that the US hold countires to the deal of protecting OUR Diplomats like WE protect their’s

    That’s HOW these things work…..


  4. jonolan are calling a 51 year old mixed race man, who happens to be YOUR President a ‘boy’ ?


    • Yep. When he starts acting like a man, I’ll change that appellation. If you want to call me racist for that, go ahead. It’s not like I care about or respect you or your opinion of me.


    • @ jamesb,

      Unlike jonolan I do respect you as a sensible and civil commenter.

      I know that some people are moved to anonymity because they work in a publicly visible job such as civil service, or in a socially sensitive setting, but I sense that others simply want it as a license to be defamatory and outrageous. My impression of jonolan is that he or she is one of the latter, and for what it’s worth, a bigot as well.


  5. When you watch the video clip, it is actually much less inflammatory than the headline would suggest.

    Just more predatory ‘journalism’ using sensationalist titles to draw in more views.


  6. Obama ‘thanked’ the Libyan prez for his efforts – after the fact – to round up the killers. Fox headline writers must have a great time coming up with these headlines.

    Libya is still an infant and fragile country and we must continue to do everything we can to encourage their development toward a modern society. Their gov’t is NOT islamic. It is secular. But they hardly have things ‘up and running’ yet.

    Libya has asked for FBI help in investigating and prosecuting the crimes. No matter recent events, we shouldn’t be even considering retribution against Libya; quite the opposite. If we allow them to be the ones who hold the killers to account, it helps stabilize Libya and mitigates some of the anti-Americanism so rife in that part of the world.

    Don’t obsess over Libya – worry about Pakistan.


  7. Amen Moe……

    Jonolan…..Your ‘boy’ is YOUR President…..Live with it…..


  8. Wow.

    That is a classic example of what wikipedia refers to as, “Misleading and dissembling”.

    Half-truths, galore. Fox news at it again!


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