There are other demonstrations in Bengazi

14 responses to “There are other demonstrations in Bengazi

  1. Sharing this on FB too. Thanks! You’re making my work easy here!


  2. Amazing how well I can read Libyan Arabic. Just sayin.


  3. Great find Moe!

    FYI: I invite you to attend my celebration party on Saturday. 🙂


  4. Further evidence that most Libyans, like most Americans, reject hatemongering and violence. Something our foreign-policy self-appointed experts sometimes miss.


    • It’s like how, after 9/11, there were mass marches in sympathy all over the Arab world that got very little covereage here. Especially in Iran (but hey, for them, any opportunity to bash Sunnis is a good day!)


  5. Sadly, the media is turning this tragedy into a political circus/fear-mongering fest like we have never seen. The comments on many forums all ring with the same condemning attitudes: “Where are all those ‘good’ Muslims?” When if many were to go beyond their pre-concluded prejudices, they would find that their answer is just a little digging away…


    • Which is why I dont get my news any more from network or cable. Too much yelling back at the TV when I see big name anchors who aren’t as up to date with developments as little ole me!


  6. I wonder how much they were paid to hold those signs. English is almost unknown in the Bengazi area, so this was most likely staged in order to garner just such a reaction as you’re displaying.


    • That’s certainly possible jonolan. However, I saw many Libyans there intereviewd last night on BBC and they spoke English – most of them quite fluently. But even if it were staged, to what nefarious purpose would that be? The gov’t in Libya does NOT want to alienate America. THey need us and will be our friends if we stay the course.


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