Dear Pastor Jones

I’d like to hear your opinion of what should be done to someone who shouts “FIRE” in a crowded theatre? Just wondering.

Anyone else?

And so Western religious fanaticists light the fire of Eastern religious fanaticists. Nice.

12 responses to “Dear Pastor Jones

  1. The likes of Jones should be put out on an isolated island, say in the middle of the ocean, near as possible to the equator, no shade, and no other humans except dick heads like him.


  2. I think he should be charged with accessory to murder. Four counts. Actions have consequences, as we saw all too well last night in Libya.

    They are currently saying that they believe that al Qaeda took advantage of the situation (in Cairo) to launch a concerted attack.

    So maybe we can add some terrorism charges on top of murder.


    • Cairo seems to have been a spontaneous protest . . . Libya looks as you said.

      I’m waiting to see who in the right wing radio noise world defends this creep . . . I’m sure he’s got his defenders


  3. Freedom of speech, regardless if its freaking moronic speech is not comparable to Insane, rioting, murderous people. Just saying……..


    • You’re right of course TFT, and I didn”t mean too make the things comprable, but dangling bait is dangerous stuff and sometimes should have its own consequences. But not legal ones; I agree 100%. There’s not a single right of ourss more worth of protectoin. Of course, our speech is increasingly irrelevant in the face of the new billionaires oligarchy club.


      • Of course, our speech is increasingly irrelevant in the face of the new billionaires oligarchy club.(Moe)

        That has always been the case, as in, the oligarchy club. But the difference today is they wont cut your head off for calling them assholes. 😉


        • 😆
          Sure TFT, we’ve pretty much been second to those with vast wealth for a very long time, but it’s much much worse as the two parties have now succeeded in shutting out all competing political aspirations. The Dems/Repubs are basically beholden and not to us.

          And now our oligarchs don’t even pretend to anything but buying the system and then rigging it. No need to hide intentions anymore. Which is quite astonishing.


  4. The cartoon is perfect. A great summation that when it comes down to it, all religious fanatics are basically the same: they only differ in which narrowly interpreted collection of incoherent ancient texts they zealously believe are the sole truth, and that everyone else must learn this truth or die.

    Speaking of religious lunatics, recent trends South are becoming increasingly troubling. Should I worry about America becoming a theocracy in the next twenty or so years? Might need to seal the border, ya know.


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