This is adorable: Todd Akin refers to himself in the third person

I just got an email campaign ad from Rep. Todd Aiken. I was thrilled because I’d been afraid he would never  call, never write.

Here’s some of it. Check out the language:

For too long, the Party Bosses – the same ones that left Todd Akin for dead politicially — have come to you hat in hand for your support. They ask for your money, your time, and your energy.

They raise money from pro-life supporters like you and me, but they then turn around and give it to people like Scott Brown, but not Todd Akin. Enough is enough!

Like Mike Huckabee said: “If they don’t want us, then they don’t need us.”

Mike and Janet Huckabee have donated the maximum to Todd Akin because they know that Todd won’t just talk the talk, he will walk the walk.

Todd Akin doesn’t shy away from what he believes in. He will STAND UP for life, regardless of the political consequences. Won’t you consider helping Todd stand for life?

If you want a candidate who says “NO” to the corrupt Party Bosses and “YES” to life, support Todd Akin today!



14 responses to “This is adorable: Todd Akin refers to himself in the third person

  1. The scary thing is he’s NOT really far behind McCaskill who has only a few more friends than Akin…..


  2. Todd Akin doesn’t shy away from what he believes in.

    You wimmez, back to the kitchen stat! Oh, and turn over you shoes to your husband while you’re at it.

    Short pier, I have an individual who needs a desperately long walk…


  3. Moe. Moe. Moe. The guy’s an idiot; why would he understand the fine points of Englis?. Oh, and did I say, he’s an idiot?


  4. They call it “the Bob Dole.”


  5. Hmm. I wonder if the Taliban refer to themselves in the third person as well? Hmm.


  6. Sorry late in getting back…..

    Akin has been shut out from the National GOP House funding…
    On the record he’s gone thru another $100,000 gained since he got cut off…Some Social Conservative groups are helping him out …..
    But NONE of the money will approach the $5 Mil he’s been cut off from….
    Everything on him went silent when the GOP Convention started


  7. That’s an incredible comb-over isn’t it???


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