We luvz science! Science iz fun!!!

Paul Ryan, when asked about jailing women for having an abortion, said “If it’s illegal, it’s illegal.”

To put these fools in office, millions of my fellow Americans voted for them. And they write laws.

21 responses to “We luvz science! Science iz fun!!!

  1. That is so painful to read. Why we never learn?


    • Welcome echoes . . . you’ve got a terrific site and powerful images. Glad you’re doing what you’re doing.


      • Thank you so much! it took me months to decide to start up this blog and the more I write on it, the better I feel. I am a writer and I consider writing a social duty, words are powerful enought to change the world, or maybe, in a less utopian vision, they can help people to open their eyes and to reach awareness. I strongly hope that my story can be helpful to all those girls and women who have experienced an abortion.


        • I’ve been at this for three years now (!). At first I thought it was to create a place to dump my frustrations. Eventually I saw it was the best exercise ever in improving my writing. But ultimately, this has been a powerful way to think through issues, identify my own thinkig, organize it in a coherent manner and,, by having commenters, be willing to be challenged and to rethink or defend.

          Not to mention fun! So godspeed echoes, keep it up!


  2. Why would any woman vote for these guys? Or any man, for that matter.


  3. Old misogyny dies hard. We need to fight these kinds of attitudes if we’re ever going to eliminate violence against women.


    • That subjagating women thing is powerful in so many cultures. We have to, as you said Ahab, fight. And we have to stay on top of it lest rights slip away.


  4. Everyone of them has an (R) after their names. An exclusive club to make insane comments, screwed up views, and like you say, they write and make laws, and guiding the country back to the days of the Pilgrims.


  5. Perhaps these men should speak with Nevin Yildirim, the Turkish woman who shot and beheaded her alleged rapist. According to CNN, “Yildirim said [Nurettin] Gider threatened her with a gun and said he would kill her children, ages 2 and 6, if she made any noise … That was the first of repeated rapes over the next eight months.” Yildirim is now 5 months pregnant and seeking an abortion.


  6. It’s a big stretch to go from opposing abortion to advocating rape .


    • Yet apparently it’s an extremely short jump from outlawing abortion to punishing the women who terminate unwanted pregnancies by tossing them in prison, even if they’ve been raped or incested. No doubt Ayatollah Ryan will enjoy the power rush; it’ll make him feel quite manly.


  7. ojmo ,

    If you have a Ryan quote saying that please share .


    • Alan, you really think people at Ryan’s level say such things out loud? But ojmo’s right, with men who want power over womens reproduction, it is ALWAYS about power.


  8. Ms. Holland ,

    Ohhhh , , , Paul Ryan didn’t say anything of the kind, you just know in your heart of heart what he really means . That is why you took what others have said and lumped him in with them .

    I know why you really hate Congressman Ryan .


  9. Don ,

    You are doing exactly as the rest . You are having to bring in other names to attack Congressman Ryan . He has a record . Why not attack what he has actually done and said ?


    • Okay, so Mitt and Ryan win the election, (hopefully not) and they get their way with changing Medicare to a voucher system, and try to dismantle SS. What will you do when it comes your time to retire? Yous right wing people only want to talk about today, and not talk about the future.
      With you Alan, its the same old same old.


  10. Don ,

    Uh, , , News flash : Social Security and Medicare have anywhere from $ 50 to $100 Trillion in unfunded liabilities. Your guys have done nothing but Demagogue the issue . That is the future with out reform . Your fellow Democrats are finding out exactly what unfunded liabilities mean with their public employee pension costs in California .

    Why do you ignore this reality ? It is not that Romney and Ryan want to destroy SS and Medicare . They look at the future costs and are trying to save them .

    And what has President Obama done about this ? Putting your head in the sand is no longer an option .This is about the future .


    • Alan, you’re nothing but a right wing troll. All you good for is putting down anyone who is a Democrat, Liberal and or whatever else. Ryan and Romney has said so many lies, the truth would slap them so hard in the face, they wouldn’t know what it them.
      Why bother trying to tell you anything, as you have already your mind made up, that if people are Republicans, then you have no use for them.


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