I’m not liking this speech

Is it just me?

After all the passion in the speeches leading up to Obama . . . this speech feels very disjointed. And he’s not saying anything new. He’s repeating stuff he’s said many times and repeating what’s been said earlier by other speakers.

This awful thematic phrase “you can choose” makes it sound vaguely informcialish. I think it’s a terrible phrase and means nothing.

Obama is giving a stump speech.

(although he did just say ‘citizenship’, a word I’m always longing to hear)

13 responses to “I’m not liking this speech

  1. I agree. Some talking heads just said it seemed like a State of the Union speech and I agree with that too.


  2. Yeah it sounded rough and unpolished, like they were still hammering it out right before he stepped to the podium.


  3. I think you need to adjust your TV. And like Joe Biden? Really? Old, tired and uninteresting.


    • I’ve always liked and admired Biden, ever since Watergate. He was a good Senator and by all reports is an excellent Veep. He got the juices flowing last night.


  4. Hi Moe … it was great being out of the country for all but one day of both conventions … so I didn’t watch last night.


  5. 12 hours later I’ll stick to what I wrote over at the Dog last night…..

    The first 3/4 was professorial …..
    The Man found his gangster at the end….

    But yea….. it wasn’t the most forceful….



  6. Oh, and I though John Kerry did a pretty damn good speech……


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