I wonder if it’s true?

If so, this could be the biggest thing this campaign season since Newt Gingrich’s head.  Per Mashable, a techy sorta social network sorta site:

Mitt Romney’s tax returns are reportedly in the hands of a team of hackers who plan on releasing them publicly at the end of the month unless a ransom is paid.

The group allegedly obtained the files from PricewaterhouseCooper’s Tennessee office on Aug. 25, in what was described on PasteBin as a Mission Impossible-like caper:

Romney’s 1040 tax returns were taken from the PWC office 8/25/2012 by gaining access to the third floor via a gentleman working on the 3rd floor of the building. Once on the 3rd floor, the team moved down the stairs to the 2nd floor and setup shop in an empty office room. During the night, suite 260 was entered, and all available 1040 tax forms for Romney were copied. A package was sent to the PWC on suite 260 with a flash drive containing a copy of the 1040 files, plus copies were sent to the Democratic office in the county and copies were sent to the GOP office in the county at the beginning of the week also containing flash drives with copies of Romney’s tax returns before 2010. A scanned signature image for Mitt Romney from the 1040 forms were scanned and included with the packages, taken from earlier 1040 tax forms gathered and stored on the flash drives.

The files are to be released to the public on Sept. 28, according to the PasteBin document.

6 responses to “I wonder if it’s true?

  1. Actually, I hope it’s not true. Or if it is true, I hope he just goes ahead and releases them. It is his duty not someone else’s (although I do understand the desire to do so). But he really needs to release them. If anyone else does it they will be suspect documents.


    • If the hackers do release the records, the burden would fall on Romney and pricewaterhouse to show they’re fake. Fair or not, that’s how it would play. And of course the onlly way to do that is . . .


  2. Really, really interesting. Can’t condone crime of course, but still, if it’s real I was thinking that this could go down in history as one of the biggest political pranks ever. However I did some googling and found that it would be really hard to beat some of the stuff that’s gone before. Turning an accidental coal explosion in a battleship’s bunker into a casus belli for example.


    • Well, not exactly a ‘prank’ but as causus belli, there is also the Gulf of Tonkin ‘incident’.


      • Wow, I hadn’t thought of that but it’s a good nomination. In fact I’d say it’s a more valid candidate than the Maine incident. I went to the Wikipedia page for the Gulf of Tonkin Incident and it said,

        “It is not simply that there is a different story as to what happened; it is that no attack happened that night. […] In truth, Hanoi’s navy was engaged in nothing that night but the salvage of two of the boats damaged on August 2.”

        Another history site has a very lengthy article on the whole incident and from it I conclude that while there is a very good chance the Wiki account is true, there is no certainty. The destroyer did suffer a single machine-gun bullet hole, but given all the confusion and shooting that night, who knows where it came from?

        Reading the account reminded me of the Cold War state of mind, verging on paranoia. Presidents are always frustrated by politics and economics and the use of the Armed Forces has got to be satisfying in contrast. Macho decisions and instant responses. Clearly our current president does not fit the same profile in that regard as did Lyndon Johnson, his restraint in the Libyan Incident being a case in point and in strong contrast to John McCain’s urgings at the time.


        • Jim, I’ve read more than a few Nixon biographies, one on Johnson (Robert Caro’s book are in my future) and lots about Vietnam war of course, besides having had a front row seat for it all. And I’ve still not been able to gtet my mind around how quickly – and it seems to me, almost casually – Johnson started the big troop build up there. Even with the paranoia of the day – and you’re right of course, it was rampant – still, LBJ was all about domestic policy. It was his thing. I’ve never quite understood how he didn’t resist the war crowd, make it more his own decision. It’s like he just went along.

          Gotta love McCain – and his cohorts, Lieberman and Graham – they see wars we need to fight everywhere.


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