This is the rising star?

Tonight’s keynoter: this speech isn’t working for me. The young mayor of San Antonio is handsome for sure. Hispanic for sure. And a very good speaker. But so far – he’s still speaking – the lad hasn’t managed to light my fire. 

One thing bothered me right off the bat: he does that thing Obama does, where he lowers his voice almost to a whisper to deliver the punch line (right into the mic of course). I never like it when Obama does it and I like it less when a young wanna-be does it.

I’m probably being unfair. This is an accomplished kid and I’m here sitting on my very comfortable couch thinking about a bowl of raspberries with some confectioners’ sugar sprinkled on top.


9 responses to “This is the rising star?



  2. Think of where the kid’s heart is and then imagine the alternative – – – the manner of speaking will then become less important than the underlying message – – –


  3. Your view IS your View…..
    The guy IS going to be a star ……
    No DOUBT…..
    I already posted him up……
    If he can get the Democratic numbers in Texas to gel he’s gonna be a sure run at Rick Perry’s current job….
    The media loves him …..
    (A DEM Rubio)


  4. Not to be all contrarian, but yeah, I did like Julian’s speech 😉 The man suddenly made Texas a lot more attractive to me!

    And Michelle–all I can say is wow!!


  5. I’m with your other commenters here, I thought the speech was fresh and good. He got the crowd going. Yup, we’ll be hearing from him. But of course, he ain’t no Chris Christie — that’s possibly his biggest asset.


  6. You certainly are not reflective of the general feeling about him and the speech. But you can be allowed your opinion – this time.


  7. I thought he was pretty darn good, but the gov. from MA was the best before Michelle, who was outstanding. But all in all, it was a great night I thought–including Lilly Ledbetter.


  8. Well, I’ve certainly been outvoted here! And so be it – something felt off to me and it may just be that this ‘rising star’ meme so apparent last week is tiring me.

    There were some great speeches that night, better than Wed, so maybe that’s why I was so unreceptive.


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