Only at the DNC

Just heard a rousing speech from a gay Jewish Congressman from Colorado I’ve never heard of, and saw Tony Shalub (“Monk”) in the hall enjoying it. I love being a Democrat.

5 responses to “Only at the DNC

  1. Make that a gay Jewish zillionaire congressman who represents Vail. Life’s tough.


    • He’s kinda cute too Shep – in a sidekick-in-the-buddy-movie kind of way.

      Zillionaire? Good on him! And by the way, where are Ben and Jerry? Talk about responsible moral successful entreprenuers!


  2. Hey, me too Moe. Hell, last year I didn’t even know I was a Democrat and now I are one!

    It just kind of came over me gradually, through blogging. I thought through each issue and darned if I didn’t come up on the Democrat side every time. Who knew? 🙄


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