The debates just got more interesting

Romney seems to have found his voice. A really fine speech.

12 responses to “The debates just got more interesting

  1. Shepard Sherbell

    Even the part about the oceans rising? Lenore Romney would spank him for that.


  2. Shepard Sherbell

    Disagree. Condi Rice gave a fine speech (with no teleprompter). Mittsie exceeded expectations by not putting everybody to sleep.


    • Condi did give a good speech, even had a some content. Very very good. What I meant about Romney is I saw a sure footedness I’ve never seen before. He ‘won’ his primary debates, but of course htat was against the Keystone Kops. After last night, I think he’ll give Obama a run in their debates.

      That ‘oceans rising’ line – I read that as mockery. If others heard it that way, that’s a powerful weapon.


  3. I suggest you read today’seditorial in the NY Times. A qucik review of the blogs would suggest it was a miss. Can’t say personally as I didn’t watch, couldn’t get past Eastwood.


  4. He didn’t say much….
    But yea he done good….
    I can’t take that from him….


  5. I just noticed that the courts have reinstated 3 early voting days in Ohio that had been taken away. While it is a good move, I am confounded why national elections should be governed by state laws which vary widely. Certainly this a federal issue if ever there was one.


  6. Client did look his aged didn’t he.

    At the same time, I think he was trying to make Mitt’s main point: We don’t think he’s doing the job; when you don’t do the job you get let go.

    Obama is mostly left trying to convince that Romney is to risky.

    I buy Obama’s argument, but I’m really not enthusiastic about this election.


    • Isn’t it odd bruce,, that both sides feel somewhat the same about their candidates? They’ll vote, they’ll support with money and time, but they’re not really enthused. (although after the last two nights of the Dem convention, I’m beginning to think I’m wrong on that – lots of enthusiasm in Charlotte anyway!


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