There was this too

PBS coverage ended so I’m over at MSNBC for the first time (this is the fun part). Mathews called Christie’s speech ‘almost Churchillian’. And he meant it. He clearly admired the speech.

Tom Brokaw however, just had the most interesting observation: in all these hours, with all these speakers, there was not one single mention of the two longest wars in America’s history.

How ’bout that.  Enough. Off to bed.


9 responses to “There was this too

  1. As I’ve said before, they can’t, in good conscience, comment much on those wars.


  2. As jonolan implies, both of those wars were ill-conceived mistakes promoted by George W. Bush. You may have noticed an eerie absence of that name as well. 🙄 🙄 🙄


    • Quite intentional of course, Jim. Quite intentional.


    • I make no such implication, Wheeler. If you can read such an implication into my statement, you’ve got some serious issues.


      • My assumption seemed logical to me but obviously wrong. Perhaps jonolan you should explain why “they can’t comment much on those wars” because it sure isn’t clear.


        • Because it’s wrong – treasonous in all ways except the legalistic ones and those can be fixed with a single jury decision – to comment negatively on how the POTUS – any POTUS – and the US Military is prosecuting a war. It lends material aid and comfort to enemy and has done so since Vietnam.


          • I hope you’re being facetious jonolan. The last time I read the 1st Amendment we still have freedom of speech in this country. Interestingly I confirmed on the Wiki page for the “War on Terror” that the United States is not even technically at war, despite the use of the phrase by both political parties, and there has been no declaration of war by Congress, although Congress did pass legislation authorizing the use of force in combatting terrorists. The “Afghan War” is legally an act of “self-defense” authorized by the UN Security Council.

            When I was on active duty I also thought anti-war protesters of the Vietnam conflict were being treasonous, but I was wrong. There is a big difference between voicing a political opinion about foreign policy and supporting the armed forces of one’s country.


            • I was not being facetious and you were right back then and woefully wrong now. Nobody has the right to speak out against how a war is being prosecuted while it is still being conducted and we still have boots on the ground.

              Many have the privilege of doing so but not the right and that privilege doesn’t extend to people in the public eye. This is because there is NO difference between voicing a political opinion about foreign policy and supporting the armed forces of one’s country in these modern, media-blitzed times.

              As for whether it’s officially a war or not – didn’t matter to you while you were in country; didn’t matter to me while I was in service; and it sure as hell doesn’t matter to the widows and orphans.


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