Cool. Help is at hand.

I just learned from Ann Romney that Medicare isn’t the only thing the Republicans are going to save from those black-hearted Democrats. Thank Elvis, they’re gonna save the women too! The GOP has our back girls!

Yeah Mitt!

(IN FAIRNESS: The woman is a terrific speaker.)

9 responses to “Cool. Help is at hand.

  1. She IS a good speaker. Too bad she couldn’t teach HIM.
    Chris Christie was going well too until he started his WE and THEY stuff.
    So far, I haven’t felt reassured.


    • marylee, I agree. I posted before he got to the second half. His speech went pretty boilerplate although he delivered it much better than most. And when, as I said, he got to the ‘blaming the Dems’ for everything that’s wrong, I thought the audience reaction was luckewarm. But maybe I was just hoping. And it DID become mean-spirited, a side he would have done better to hide in this instance.


  2. I gotta admit, I actually didn’t think Ann was that good of a speaker. I thought the “I love you, women!” was just awkward.
    On the other hand, I thought Chris Christie was very good. Disagreed with him, but a great speaker.


    • That ‘women’ part of her speech felt entirely false, it was painful and obviously written to counteract the ‘GOP anti-women’ meme. On that, it failed utterly. I thought her strength was in talking about him. She didnt do a lot of that, but it was strong when she did.

      Christie was the most anticipated speaker of the whole convention – now that he’s done, the sense of build up to something is gone -for me at least, although I’ll stick with it.

      You watching it all brat????


      • You may be right about the parts where she talked about Mitt…somehow her speech just didn’t resonate with me.

        I’ve been working a lot lately and so that has eaten into my Convention-watching time…sigh…but I’ve been trying to catch as much as I can, so at least most of the prime time stuff. Since I’m such a politics junkie, I love the Conventions way more than I should 🙂


  3. Juan Williams one the reax: Corporate Wife.


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