Chris Christie . . .

. . . is one hell of a speaker.

UPDATE: Although . . . some of his rhetoric – two thirds of the way in – about ‘what Democrats have done to the economy’ is getting half hearted applause.

10 responses to “Chris Christie . . .

  1. Shepard Sherbell

    Ralph Kramden in Trenton.


  2. Well dang, lookee . . . you are correct. And it makes people warm up to him. (I LOVED Ralph Kramden) Mostly though, in spite of his underlying mean spiritedness, Christie is appealing as hell because he is candid and doesn’t speak in bumper sticker. For which one is ultimately grateful


  3. americanliberaltimes

    I guess in the long run, it must be concluded that in all History it has been the devils who have possessed the smoothest of tongues. It is not what a person says or how it is said that matters – – – in the end it is whether or not the result of the speaking results in suffering for others or in relief from suffering for others. I am afraid that this example represents a side of ideology that specializes in creating considerable uncertainty for a great many people. As I recall, most leaders of countries with a one party system and a yen for the charismatic had great speakers at the head of their follies as well. I remember Germany back in the 1940s for example or Cuba in the 50s – — both headed by “Great Speakers.”


    • Hi americanliberal and welcome..I’m afraid I don’t personally remember the 40’s, but I do remember Mr. Castro – and his hours-long speeches!

      Yup – a powerful speaker is a power indeed, especially among people who are afraid or angry and blame ‘the other’.


  4. The guy was working on HIS 2016 campaign…..


  5. I didn’t get quite this speech. He’s got candor and attitude – but was this good politics? And how is tax cuts for rich going to make another American Century? Being a bully isn’t gonna solve anything.

    He talked a lot about compromise though.


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